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Ekki taka gömlum sannleik sem gefnum. Það þarf kjark til að líta hlutina nýjum augum og fá á þá ferska sýn.


Our business philosophy is to focus on the entire value chain when helping our clients improve their businesses. The service offering is ther­efore focused on gener­ating crit­ical knowledge, developing stra­tegy and optim­ising processes with a strong focus on developing human reso­urces.

Capacent‘s experts have a wide-ranging experience and knowledge and assist companies and institutions to tackle a multitude of tasks from ideas to the implem­enta­tion of change.

We cooperate with leading international consulting firms and have access to a range of specific solutions. Our partners include Microsoft, IBM, Qlik, CEB, Flexera and Nexus Global.


Contact us by email: capacent@capacent.is

Our services include but are not limited to:

  • Defining vision, stra­tegy and organ­ization
  • Defining stand­ards and perfor­mance measurement
  • Finding and recruiting the right people
  • Executive coaching
  • Measuring project profita­bility
  • Company valu­ations
  • Optim­ising processes and oper­ational effici­ency
  • Assessing and improving IT-security
  • Risk Mana­gement
  • Perfom­ance mana­gement and business intelli­g­ence
  • Choosing and implem­enting new IT-systems
  • Optimis­ation of IT-technology.

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