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Ekki taka gömlum sannleik sem gefnum. Það þarf kjark til að líta hlutina nýjum augum og fá á þá ferska sýn.

Business Units

Capacent‘s service is divided into two main business units: Consulting, and Recruit­ment/Search & Selection. Our unique integration of these units separates us from others and allows us to provide our customers with services covering every aspect of their oper­ations.

Capacent recogn­izes that every customer is different and has different chal­lenges, and ther­efore our approach is designed to solve subject matters of ranging comp­lexity and magnitude. Our use of cross-funct­ional teams, composed of consult­ants from every service unit, allows us to tackle the most complex chal­lenges and projects. Whether the task is as complex as a corporate restruct­uring or consoli­dation of govern­ment institutions, or as concrete and well-defined as recruiting for a specific position, cond­ucting a job satis­faction survey or surveying customers, we are able to assist.

Recruit­ment – Search & Selection

Founded on the roots of three successful recruit­ment companies, Capacent‘s recruit­ment service goes all the way back to 1982. Our group of highly qualified consult­ants has decades of experience in finding the best match between a job and a candi­date. The consult­ants possess a broad knowledge of the Icelandic job market and are committed to provide personal service to companies and indi­vi­duals where confidenti­a­lity and trust is of the utmost import­ance. The staff of Capacent’s recruit­ment service has been trained in accredited intervi­ewing methods and in applying other evalu­ation and assess­ment tools during the search and selection process. These tools include compet­ency profiling, job analysis, persona­lity and ability tests and assess­ment centres.


Our commit­ment is to help companies and institutions to strengthen their current position in the market and boost their oper­ations. To enable that, our Consulting Unit offers a range of solutions that cover every aspect of business oper­ations. Whether it’s stra­tegic planning and formulation, finance, IT, perfor­mance mana­gement, coaching or somet­hing else, our experts are ready.


Contact us by email: capacent@capacent.is

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